Textile Information

Goshka Macuga

What type of textile is this?
Tapestry woven on a Jacquard loom.
Was it produced for a specific use?
It was initially produced for Tichý Ocean Foundation.
What material(s) is it comprised of?
Wool, cotton mix
What are its dimensions?
560 x 290 cm
What year (or date range) was it made?
Where was it made (geographical location)?
Was the textile handmade or mass-produced?
I made an edition of 5.
Can the textile be attributed to a specific designer, craftsperson or artist or a company that produced the item?
It was designed in my studio and fabricated at Flanders Tapestries.
How did you come to own this particular textile?
I made it.
How would you describe the status of this textile in your lived environment (i.e. do you wear it, store it, display it, use it, etc.)?
It is an artwork to be exhibited partly on the wall and party on the floor. It is often used as a backdrop for a performance.
Do you recall what drew you to this textile initially?
I developed this work on the basis of my research related to Miroslav Tichý.
What further information (if any) would you feel important to add about this textile, either in relation to your interview or more generally?
The work is produced as a digital collage, which then gets translated to a weave on a Jacquard loom.