Contextual Material

Clare Watson

Short Biography

Clare Watson trained as an actor at the Coventry Centre for the Performing Arts and went on to tour with Cambridge Experimental Theatre in 1986–87 including performing at the Edinburgh Fringe; she then toured with Daylight Theatre between 1988 and 1991. From 1995 she retrained as a pharmacist at the University of Sunderland and subsequently worked as a pharmacist until 2015. In recent years she has developed a creative practice which combines writing, theater, and textile experimentation. She has written several short plays including “Factoring in the Angel,” which won the Treading the Borders Theatre playwrighting competition in 2018. Several of her short stories and plays including “Oh What Fools” have been published in The Eildon Tree, and her piece “The Character of Color” won the international short story competition in the context of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival in 2020. Watson lives and works in the Scottish Borders.